Questions About Web Design

Welcome to Tentac frequently asked questions where I have answered a few keys questions that are most often asked

If you can’t find the answers your looking for here please feel free to call or contact me via the contact page so we can chat further.

1I want a website for my business but don’t know where to begin?
Choose and register a Domain ideally in your company name. We love to work with new start-up’s and will take you through every step to get your business web presence.
2What is a Domain?
A Domain is an address. Just like your home an address is needed for it to be found, the Internet is the same except the postal address is substituted with a Domain that the Internet can recognise.
3What does responsive mean?
With the increase of mobile devices accessing the Internet from notebooks, laptops, tablets and mobile phones then any new website needs to function and adjust accordingly to be viewed on the vast number of screen sizes.
4What is SEO?
SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the programming of a website to gain high ranking in search results. It’s a very in-depth subject but more details can be found here.
5Can I have a personal E-mail address?
Yes. Once the Domain is setup then E-mail addresses can be created using your personal domain.
6I have already registered a Domain elsewhere, can I transfer it?
Yes. It can be transferred to your preferred host which we will be glad to do.
7I have a Website that needs updating but don’t know how.
Update or even a complete rebuild which we will discuss all options that will suit your business best.
8What is Content Management System?
Content Management System (CMS) is an open source software system that allows the end user (YOU) the ability to update your own website content once the site has been created. Many content Management Systems exist and all offer different benefits and although they can be made with certain privileges damage can still occur if the end user isn’t comfortable with the thermology that’s used in these systems. There are many advantages having control of your business website, such as being able to update content instantly but there are many things you should consider: ? Website Maintenance can be very involved. You must know how to implement and create the media and visual elements, maintain the file structure with necessary updates along with search engine optimisation which is ongoing. ? What if you break something? Can you fix it? Down time can be costly! ? Without a doubt, you will need specific tools to maintain your website. Updating graphical and media content will require a graphics/media package such as Photoshop which is expensive if only being used occasionally as well as maintaining your SEO with Google and Msn developer tools. CONCLUSION: Maintaining your own website will always be an option but having the support and assurance that we can maintain the website optimally. Give us a call to discuss your personal needs.
9Should I use social media for business?
Absolutely. Social media has taken the world by storm and any business that’s not utilising it will fall behind as it’s seen and used locally and worldwide for review and photo sharing.