About Us

Web Designer in West Sussex

Tentac is a small independent website maintenance and design company based in leafy West Sussex. I'm Nick the owner of Tentac with a background in IT stretching back to Windows for Workgroups so have an understanding in the industries speed of technology and trends along with the essential business need to have web presence makes not only a quality, professional website never more important but its constant maintenance a priority.

Like most IT Pro's that got into the industry in the 90's are self-taught, working in numerous areas gaining an array of varied skills with a constant learning curve.Creating and maintaining websites from a library of individuals and private businesses (often for love) has gained yet another skill in the industry i'm passionate about.


A price can't be put onto a personal touch which Tentac will guarantee. Competitive pricing offered is a luxury from low overheads larger companies can't match.

A passion for all things technical and understanding brand representation insures a functional website. It’s not all about flash graphics but a tool that sets you apart from your competition.

Skills in search engine optimisation makes your site visible. Creating a site that represents you not us is our goal.

All new websites created by Tentac are Hosted with Tentachost giving our clients the security and confidence that their investment is well looked after.

How We Work

  • Stage 1Domain & Hosting

    Choosing the right Domain is essential along with the right hosting package to suit your business needs.
  • Stage 2Planning

    Initial consultation to get to know you, your business and goals to be achieved.
  • Stage 3Design

    This is where we assemble your site from what we’ve learned.
  • Stage 4Structure

    Visuals and text are coded to create your website.
  • Stage 5Launch

    The website goes live and is handed over to give you full control of your investment.